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Organized by the Professional Golfers' Association of America, the PGA Championship is one of the four men's major championships conducted annually. The tournament is played in May at the eastern region of the United States. Southern Hills Country club is the hosting course for the upcoming edition. First edition of the PGA championship was played in 1916.


The tournament was originally a match-play event but then changed to stroke play in 1958. The same 18 holes per day for four days standard is followed. The qualification criteria, though is a bit complicated. Every former PGA champion, winners of the last five U.S. Opens, last five Masters, last five Open Championships and the last three the Players Championships are qualified. The current Senior PGA Champion, the low 15 scorers and ties in the previous PGA championship, the 70 leaders in official money standings on the PGA Tour, members of the most recent US and European Ryder Cup teams if they are in the top 100 of the Official World Golf Ranking a week prior, any tournament winner co-sponsored or approved by the ongoing PGA Tour all qualify for the tournament, and the PGA can also invite additional players. A total of 156 players starts on the first day.

Rules of golf

Before jumping in detail, let's clear out the terms and rules followed in golf. A professional golf course consists of 18 holes, amateurs practise in courses with holes as less as 9. A golfer should start play from the teeing ground by swinging the golf club. The next player continues the same. After that, the players should walk to the area where the ball landed and try to put it into the hole with as less strokes as possible.

There are different types of golf clubs, a maximum of 14 golf clubs can be carried by a player in a tournament. Different types of clubs include putters, woods, irons, hybrids and wedges. The number of strokes to score are taken into account and added in tournaments. Completion of 18 holes usually form a round.

A par is known as the usual number of strokes it takes to finish a hole. Taking one stroke more than par is known as 1 over par or bogey. Two strokes more, 2 over par or double bogey. One stroke less is 1 under par or birdie, two strokes less is 2 under par or Eagle and three strokes less is 3 under par or Albatross. In most tournaments, just the under or over par stat is displayed for the players to understand their position better. Multiple rounds are played over several days in golf tours.

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